It’s all about electricity, spirituality, humor and music.

Well, alright, electricity can be questioned…

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, mom and dad, please have the pleasure of Electric Litany’s acquaintance.

Electric. Does this mean there’s no fun unless plugged in?

There is fun. It’s just a different kind of fun. Composer Eric Satie used no electricity but had the fun of his life.

Litany. Did it come up because of the atmosphere, the vocals, the sense of ritual, the need to believe in something, the power of concentration, hope. All of these together?

It’s almost all of these together; apart from the need to believe in something, we believe in no Gods and Kings. And of course no hope, hope is a disease of mankind. We believe in the deconstruction of hope.

Equipment. Name your favorites.

We only use products and equipment made by “Tescos” supermarkets under £29.99. By the way the equivalent of  “Tescos” in Greece is “Marinopoulos”!!

Concerts. Love them? Hate them? Describe the ideal one (real or imaginary) please.

We all suffer from agoraphobia. Never play shows, never have, never seen one. Apart from a U2-Bono tour of Africa (save the pockets) on videotape.

Talent. In music, is it more important, equal with or less important than persistent, passionate, hard work?

Electric Litany is essentially a fashion band. We don’t care for talent or music; it’s all about those godamn jeans.

Recipe for success. Are there any standard ingredients nowadays?

The secret of global success is being cheap, shake hands with men in suits and accept any possible proposition that involves more than 2 sec. of fame. Ah, and once you ‘re done with recognition, drink some arsenic to save the world of your existence. Thanks.

Image. How important is it to you?

Please refer to answer No.5

Co-operations. With whom would you like to work/play?

Co-operations. We’d like to work and play with the Greek riot police that resides at Lefkimmi in Kerkyra and the ones who sent them.

Laundry. Do you do it yourselves or your moms are still doing it for you?

We don’t do laundry since 1998, it’s a socio-political statement.

Irresistible is certainly …. (Please continue the phrase).


Tarts. Just eat them or make war with them?

Make platonic Love to them.

Anything. (Please write whatever you want/feel/need…)

We want to be able to eat and speak at the same time without the fear and the oppression from the Queen.

Nuts. To be or not to be?

This’ll be a serious answer, just like answers 1, 2, 6, 8.

You are coming to Athens soon (23rd of November) and we are very happy  about it!

This is our first time in Athens and we really look forward coming over and playing. This is not a compliment but the Greek music fans are really intelligent and healthy in their choices. Greek music fans do listen to music that has a lot more to give than what the trend is in the UK, “20 year old skinny talent-less lads shouting and dancing for no reason at all”. Anyway, we’re glad to play Athens and of course eat impossible quantities of “patsa”…

Cheers and thank you! /Aliki

Be well/ Richard, Duane, Alex

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