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Τα παραπάνω είναι μερικές από τις συνεργασίες και δουλειές του Gareth Jones. Καλλιτέχνες σημαντικοί, παλιοί και καινούριοι, ποιοτικοί και μεγάλοι. Ο Gareth Jones δεν γνωρίζει τι θα πει αποτυχία. Οδήγησε συγκροτήματα όπως οι Depeche Mode και οι Erasure σε μεγάλες επιτυχίες και ήταν πάντα πηγή έμπνευσης για τους νέους παραγωγούς της μουσικής βιομηχανίας.
Δύο και επιπλέον δεκαετίες γεμάτες platinum synth hits, ο Gareth Jones αποτελεί ένα “synth production mastermind” με πολλά awards και χαρίσματα που λίγοι έχουν στην ευρύτερη μουσική βιομηχανία.

LE: Mister Jones.
I’d like to thank you for accepting to give us this interview.
I really appreciate it !

I find “Skydeck” and “The different Frequency” to be brilliant
tracks. Great sounds !!! Tell us, please, some things about your project called “Ornithology”.

Gareth : ” I started work on Ornithology “just for fun” with my friend Lee many moons ago :-). The first tune was “The Different Frequency”. We worked initially in London – then Lee went to Chicago for a few months and we carried on working over there where we met our main vocalist Thigahmahjigee. We made “Emergency Landing” and “Skydeck” in Chicago. “

LE: What do you think of synth – electro music today?

Gareth : ” Love it! “

LE : Any particular groups and projects u fancy and u think they have to give us something good?

Gareth : ” To rococco rot, herbert, matmos – I love ’em all. “

LE : Lately you’ve been working with Andy Bell and Vince Clark from Erasure for a covers album. How is the project coming along?

Gareth : ” We are mixing at the moment (3 tunes completed – the rest to be finished in the next couple of weeks). Andy and Vince are very involved in the mixing, which is being done in Vince’s home studio. Vince is cooking GREAT meals! “

LE : I find Erasure’s previous cover – works very succesful. What is your opinion?

Gareth : ” The Abba stuff was brilliant – I thought so too. That is the standard to which I aspire with this new stuff. “

LE : In 1998 you worked with Tim Simenon for his project “Bomb The Bass”. What exactly was your contribution?

Gareth : ” I was just throwing a few ideas around with Tim. Don’t know if he used much of them in the end. “

LE : And what was the motive to work with Tim, apart from your friendship?

Gareth : ” We met when he was producing “Ultra” and did a bit of work together after that (One Inch Punch, Elastica) so it was natural for us to try a few ideas for Tim’s own album. “

LE : I consider Tim to be one of the first and major contributors to the trip hop/electronica music scene. Your opinion?

Gareth : ” Great guy and very talented. I learned a lot about arrangement from Tim – he is a master of discarding the irrelevant IMHO. “

LE : In 2000 you did the mixing for the soundtrack of the great movie “High Fidelity”…

Gareth : ” I started work on this movie with Tim, but someone else finished it. “

LE : Tell us some of the soundtracks and scores that u have in your CD library? Any particular favorite movie?

Gareth : ” Anything by the Coen brothers! “

LE : Working with Depeche Mode is something u have been doing from the early 80s. Which album was the easiest for you to work on?

Gareth: ” All the albums had their own challenges – probably Exciter was the easiest to work on because we all had so much experience, and everyone was very focused. Also we had the pleasure of working with Mark Bell – a genius producer! “

LE : And which is the one u like best, from what DM have released so far?

Gareth : ” I really like Speak and Spell and Violator (neither of which I had the pleasure to work on!) “

LE : Who had the idea for that industrial sound at the Construction Time Again sessions?

Gareth : ” We worked on developing the new sound together – we all were going in the same direction so it was an easy voyage of sonic discovery. I was also working with “Einstuerzende Neubauten” at the time, & there was a lot of crossover of ideas (both ways) “

LE : Its been said that you helped DM move from that “teenage band image” to a more sofisticated and quality digital world.

Gareth : ” I was delighted to be able to help “

LE : Is it true that you have not listened to “Black Celebration”, ever since… because of the bad experiences u had at those sessions?

Gareth : ” No. Black Celebration was an amazing session – I really enjoyed making that album. Once I have finished making an album I rarely listen to it much. I hear only the flaws! “

LE : In the Jones/Freegard/Gore constellation, who does what?

Gareth : ” Martin writes the songs, Paul and I then work with Martin to develop atmospheres and arrangements for the songs. Paul and I also offer encouragement, herbal tea, brown rice, joss sticks etc etc. Martin buys the beers (usually!) “

LE : Apart from DM, you did together a nice mix for Garbage’s single “Queer” (the most beautiful woman in town mix). I guess u get along very well… right?

Gareth : ” Yes we do – we had a great time working on the pre-production for Exciter. A very special experience”

LE : Could you describe your remix of “When the body speaks”?

Gareth : ” Like the demo, only with Dave’s vocal! “

LE : Do you have any idea of when it is going to be released?

Gareth : ” Dunno if it will be released “

LE : There are rumours saying that Depeche Mode will tour again for 4-6 weeks this summer. Do you happen to know if this is true?

Gareth : ” I have no idea, sorry. “

LE : Also, Dave has stated that he plans to start his first solo work, sometime in 2002. Is there any chance to see Gareth Jones working with him?

Gareth : ” I would love to work with Dave on his solo album. I have heard some of the material and I thought it was great. However I have not been asked (yet!) “

LE : Thank you again for the interview, Gareth.

Gareth : ” A pleasure “

LE : I’m looking forward to hearing from you again. Keep up the good work !

Gareth : ” Thanks. “

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